Castles EP

by Castles

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Debut EP


released May 6, 2016

Cody Myers - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Eric Wenzel - Lead Guitar
Tom Wortman - Drums
Adrian Swindells - Bass

Recorded and Mixed at Robot Boy Records
Mastered at Sky Onion



all rights reserved


Castles Portland, Oregon

Imagine Wayne Coyne fell asleep while listening to Tame Impala, it might get you in the vicinity of Castles' sound. Dreamy, jangling guitar pop with hints of 60's psychedelia topped off by Cody Myers' unique vocal style makes Castles an utterly engrossing listen. ... more


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Track Name: All Aglow
There could be a dream that you haven’t seen
When I take you to the show
Where the medusas all crowned in fuchsias cry
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh

Back from the town where they carved your frown
With our lanterns all aglow
Make happy fright that entreats the night to say
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Brr, brr, brr, it’s cold

You’re full of good in a twisted wood
So I’ll make your candles blow
How could we let all our candy get away?
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Soon, soon, soon, we’ll go

Where pumpkins that gather in threes
Are waiting to roll down the street
And children trade fingers for claws
Grow fangs from their dangerous love
And sidewalks are prevalent with signs
Of both good luck to come and good nights
And phantoms arrive for the sound
Of secrets that ring through the town

You’re only young when the Sun is down
So I’ll take you to the show
What can you say to the morning gray except
No oh oh oh, oh oh oh

Open my head and to your surprise
It’s just straw tied up in bows
Forgive me for trying to be alive tonight
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh
You’re, you’re, you’re, back home
Track Name: Cooler Coast
I can hardly wait
To find a cooler coast
In a cloud landscape
No forest capes us close
Weightlessly we range
For momentary whiles
As the rain fills in
Your sand-inscription smiles

I can hardly wait
To find a lakeside lost
Summers buried deep
Within the permafrost
And an ocean wall
That over we might fly
Feathers disappear, don’t pull me into

Ghost lights, whoa oh oh, ghost lights
Ghost tides, whoa oh oh, ghost tides
Ghost blood, whoa oh oh, ghost blood
Ghost love, whoa oh oh, ghost love

I can hardly wait
To find a stranger shore
Guarded though you’ve been
Behind the alpine doors
In atari greens
And February coats
Waiting up for me
To find a cooler coast
Track Name: Atlantis
Hard to disappear when I want to
Gray dreams, but Atlantis always gleams
All blue, here’s an invitation to
Call me, this is your slipstream

Home, when you’re out of worlds to roam
You’ll remember that this heart is under your balloon, and no horses will do

Go till this planet’s filled with snow, and you’re,
You’re buried with me, I’m buried with you
No one can get through
Track Name: Epona
I’d like to find a cage of blue
To trap the days escaping you
And keep the sky within your reach
Just low enough for us to breach

And though the wind between us blew
My spine will find its way to you
It even forces me to leave
My home with no melancholy

In flora, in fauna, Epona, I wanna

Go out at night with not a thing to do
The night is dark, is darkness drowning you?
Track Name: Never North
All the wind on your fingertips
Heavy amethyst on your heart
Space will glow in Europa’s pull
But for now the ship races on
Minuets, silhouettes, satellites cold and dark
Long ago, there was only snow
And a path that led Never North

In your starboard bed, neither sleeping nor awake
Your transmissions end, but I’ll write you anyway

What a beautiful world, like a beautiful song in your head
Fall in love with a girl, fall in love with her shadow instead
Is this beautiful world just a beautiful song in your head?
Fall in love with a girl, fall in love with her shadow instead

Gone as wind on your fingertips
I’ll be leaving with just a torch
Spaceship clothes for the night’s unknowns
As her pendant glows, we recall
Minuets, silhouettes, things you left in the dark
Time is slow, where you long to go
By your pendant’s pull, Never North

In your star bird bed, as machines bring you awake
My transmissions end, but you write me just to say

What a beautiful world, like a beautiful song in your head
Fall in love with a girl, fall in love with her shadow instead
Is this beautiful world just a beautiful song in your head?
Fall in love with a girl, fall in love with her shadow instead
Track Name: Planetside
Going to the mountain, holding sky
Thinking of your friend whose planet died
He was still connected to that line
So you take the last train, planetside

His world was filled with rabbit holes
You sank so deep inside of those
Until you read his final notes, his final throes,

“See you on the planetside, see you on the planetside”

Going to the mountain full of sky
Everything is green now, and your eyes
Focus on the distant boundary lines
Leading us to different planetsides

Sides, we’ll ride on your wasted time
Side, we’ll ride on your waves goodbye

We lived for years on honeycombs
And found the world inside his notes
So clear through our kaleidoscopes, and idle hopes

There’s a light that I have to find
In the shape of a star
Planets end, I’m alone again
Alone again like you are